Neighborhood Legal Services Michigan (NLSM) combats the immediate and long-lasting effects of poverty, and expands access to opportunity and justice in Michigan communities.

Committed to equal access and justice for all members of the community.


NLSM has successfully provided legal services to individuals and families in Michigan for over 40 years, and are proud of our commitment to the community. During that time, our organization has earned a solid reputation of advocating on behalf of our clients, and is often referred to as one of Detroit's "best kept secrets."



NLSM always works with the protection of our client's rights in mind. As a community organization, we operate with sincerity, and extend to our clients resources that are designed to help them move forward. For maximum impact, we nurture relationships with other community organizations who support our vision, and can in-turn, help our clients.

Hard Work

NLSM works tirelessly to: 1) Improve individual and community living standards; 2) Help families maintain income security during tough economic times; 3) Save homes and protect our neighborhoods; 4) Help survivors of domestic violence and victims of special crimes; and 5) Engage in high-impact legal advocacy that leads to systemic change.



Established in response to the Economic Opportunity Act of 1966, NLSM has grown from a small legal aid office in 1966 to resources for the human heart, soul, mind and body. We now serve vulnerable individuals, fragile families, and students in more than 60 schools and communities through the Child & Advocacy Institute. To date, NLSM is metro-Detroit’s only organization of its kind offering non-criminal legal advocacy, law-related education and supportive services for individuals and families.

Support Our Initiative

We need your help in raising funds to ensure we can continue assisting individuals who are in need, and do not necessarily fit into the criteria for assistance via our current funders. There are times when an individual or household that is at-risk of homelessness, may be a few dollars over income or does not live in the funders catchment area, and will not qualify for our services. As a result, NLSM needs to obtain unrestricted funds to provide additional services that we are not yet able to provide to members in our community who need it most. We encourage you to consider donating today.